Definition and Concept of Ecotourism.
          “Ecotourism is responsible travel in areas containing natural resources that possess endemic characteristics and cultural or historical resources that are integrated into the area’s ecological system. Its purpose is to create an awareness among all concerned parties of the need for and the measures used to conserve ecosystems and as such is oriented towards community participation as well as the provision of a joint learning experience in sustainable tourism and environmental management.” (Tourism Authority of Thailand, 1997)
Ecotourism should be characterized by the followings:


Tourism activity is carried out in a relatively undisturbed natural setting.
Negative impacts of tourism activity are minimized
Conserves natural and cultural heritage
Actively involves local communities in the process, providing benefits to them
Contributes to sustainable development and is a profitable business 6) Education/appreciation/interpretation component (of both natural and cultural heritage) must be present"
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